License & Usage
What’s yours is yours

- When you purchase the theme or products your use is limited to the number of license purchased. Additional use or distribution of the theme without the permission of SynthJet is not permitted and strictly enforced.
- You are licensed to use the theme in your store or for you or your client.
- You can change the theme and combine it with other work, but the resulting work is still subject to the theme’s license and usage terms.

What you can’t get away with

- You can’t sell this product, unless you are using a license for customizing work for a client. In other words, you need a license for each store the theme is used on. If you are setting up the theme for someone else you must purchase an individual theme and pass ownership to that individual. After passing ownership the theme’s license and terms still apply.  
- You can’t distribute the theme. You can’t bundled it with other items, even if you change it. Even if it is made free we do not allow this.
- You can’t take parts of the theme and resell it as your own product.
- You can’t use items in our demo stores or homepage without consent of the owners. You may use what is included in the theme file as intended, as part of the theme.
- Some common items are referenced in the demo stores. The terms of these items apply individually to them.
- You can only use the Item for lawful purposes.
- Sample images are for the use of the editor. You can replace images for your own use.
- If you violate the terms of the license then you must stop using the theme.