Travis Lee – SynthJet Founder
Message from the Founder
When I started in ecommmerce all I wanted was to get started making sales. I was busy working multiple jobs.  

But every time I went to get something done I would encounter some logistical roadblock. 

I did have all the stuff I needed in order to just get stuff to market. So it slowed me down, I thought there was no way to have progress, that it was just too much to do and I always felt late to the party. 

But, I believe entrepreneurs all have something in common, we have amazing ideas! 

What successful entrepreneurs know is how to execute on their ideas. SynthJet was founded to make execution easier.  

We take the best features and cut out the bloatware so that you can solo customize without others help. 

We wanted to help entrepreneurs turn their dreams into reality. 

Too many entrepreneurs remain "wantrepreneurs" caught up in the logistics of getting their ideas off the ground.

In order to execute on their ideas they need to break through the obstacles in the way. That's what our solutions are made for, overcoming obstacles with SPEED.

SynthJet brings the knowledge of marketing and software experts together to provide simple tools for making visions a reality fast!

Now with our theme and apps we can slash the time it used to take to get new products to market while still using the best marketing techniques.

So when it's 2am and you find the next hot product to market you are minutes away from launch instead of being up all night. 

Help entrepreneurs realize their dreams faster. 
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Disclaimer: We make every reasonable attempt to provide the fastest and most effective theme for conversions. However, there are many extenuating circumstances that affect speed and conversion, therefore we cannot guarantee specific results. We have made our best effort to use the latest technology techniques to increase speed, build our code lean and from scratch, as well as be hypercritical of features in order to make the best theme possible. Most importantly we walk the talk and use our own products. 
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